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Ancients Of The New Age is a movement that seeks to merge the ancient wisdom of our ancestors with the modern technology and lifestyle of the 21st century.

We are dedicated to providing the information, inspiration, and services needed to spread health and happiness around the world.

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  • Crafting Invincible Immunity Workshop Registration

    Our apologies for the confusion around the QR code, if you have been having trouble registering for our workshop because...
  • A Unique Nutritional Approach.

    My nutrition approach is unique compared to most nutrition specialists. It covers all biological bases and is a gateway for...
  • My Value

              My Story: I discovered my passion for nutrition through the most painful experience of my...
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Client Testimonials

Julian has helped me improve every area of my life. I am eating better, sleeping better, and making progress in areas of my personal and professional life that have been stagnant for years! Deciding to work with Julian has been...
Holly Lev, Mother of 3, Legal Assistant and Graduate Student
Julian and Mike bring such an enthusiasm to everything they do. I can see how passionate they are about making positive changes in the world, and they are seriously dedicated to lifting people to new heights of awareness. Their mission...
Jenny Sansouci, Publisher at Healthy Crush
The minute I met Julian I could tell that his positive attitude would lift me up. After only one hour of speaking to him about my goals and his plan to help me achieve them, I was already in good...
-Anjali Ramchandani, Editorial Manager NJ Nutrition Center Public Health Communication

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